December 12, 2017

Using Black Beans Rather than Potatoes

Living healthier is nothing but making small conscious choices and changes. That’s all!

I recently moved to a new place and had the family over for dinner. Knowing that I can’t get too fancy or too “creative” with my family I keep things pretty basic: a meat and potato kind of concept. If you know me, you know that simple is still a full meal, with a couple different meats, at least two veggies, salad and of course, dessert.

I eat what I preach. Quality always comes first, starches and sugars last or avoided all together. Roasted potatoes were initially on the menu, a side which is simple, easy and fairly quick to make. However, a potato is all carbohydrates, hardly any fiber or proteins. Everyone’s insulin levels would have shot up to the skies. By simply replacing the potatoes with a black bean, diced vegetables and fresh herbs salad, I not only lowered the carb count, I also increased the protein and fiber and added a whole lot more nutrients. No one noticed the lack of potatoes or starch nor missed all the gluten-full foods they generally eat. The gluten-free, casein-free and sugar-free chocolate cake was a grand finale.

Small and simple menu changes will lead to major benefits in your health.

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