December 12, 2017

The top 3 problems with most diets

dietOur metabolism hasn’t changed much since ancestral times. Our body learned to survive periods of food shortage—and that’s a disadvantage when it comes to dieting. Cutting calories without paying attention to the source ultimately makes you gain even more.

Problem #1

Your metabolism slows down.

When you cut back on your caloric intake, a domino effect of changes happen in your body. Your body believes you are starving and it signals to slow down your metabolism. At the same time, the “extra calories” are stored as fat.

Problem #2

You start breaking down your own muscle tissues.

The hormonal shifts continue: dieting is stressful for the body and under stress your body produces the hormone cortisol. Because your body is under stress it perceives that you are in an emergency. Cortisol is the fight or flight hormone; it’s the hormone that gets you out of emergencies. It helps you by raising your blood sugar levels and sending signals to break down muscle and organ tissues to be converted into glucose. The problem is, there is no real emergency! All the excess sugar gets shipped to the fat cells.

Problem #3

It messes up your hormones.

Diets cause leptin—the fat hormone—levels to drop and ghrelin—the appetite reinforcement hormone—levels to rise and signal your brain to eat more. Lower levels of leptin signal the thyroid glands to slow down production, which leads to slowing down of your metabolism and all calories to get stored as fat. Your body perceives an emergency and cortisol levels rise, leading to an increase in blood sugar level and ultimately an increase in insulin levels. Fat burning comes to a standstill. You get grumpier, moodier and depressed, and you get stronger cravings for sugars and carbs.


  1. Kristin perez says:

    What do you do then to make it better

  2. Chef Varouj Kachichian says:

    Hi Kristin,
    You would need to take specific steps to prevent all that from happening. I will share more in the free tele-class. be sure not to miss it….

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