January 20, 2018


Here is a client’s inspiring testimonial that I would love to share with you…

It all started in 2010 when I was diagnosed with Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver. My labs were dangerously high. I refused to take prescription meds, but at the same time felt stuck in my ways. I went on to what I thought were healthy diets, tried to change my habits, but it was hard. I’m not a drinker, I don’t smoke, or do any drugs, but now looking back it was my eating habits that might as well have killed me! The doctors good news was that eventually I would get worse enough to be on a transplant list. The scary thing is the point to be reached before qualifying for that list, yikes!

I turned to my faith during this frustrating time in my life. I would think, “God what do I do?? I need a change!” I soon had an answer to that prayer. 

With the full support of my husband and the guidance of Chef V, I was off on my health care journey. When first started “dieting” on my own I was 230 pounds. In one year I got down to 206 (24 pounds lost) with not much changes in my lab tests. With Chef V, I started in Feb 2014 at 206 and today (April 11, 2014) I weigh 188. That’s 18 pounds lost in 2 months! 

My labs are now all normal! My liver is on its way to healing! I feel amazing and better than ever! 

If I can do it, so can you! I highly recommend Chef V. He had answers to my questions & concerns, incorporated amazing recipes into my diet, and he tailored my eating plan to my lifestyle. This was very helpful because I’m a working mom & don’t always have the time, but he showed me how to. His program made all the difference in my health. I still have a ways to go, but I now have the tools that I need to succeed and I will. 

Thanks Chef V- 

Nickole Villasenor

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Our cooking classes and recipes receive rave reviews!  Hear for yourself what has been said:

From Our Cooking Class…

I enjoyed the cooking class.  I have made the asparagus salad with poached egg several times and people love it.  I also roast peppers on my stove now, probably once a week.  Thanks for the great tips!

Cathy Crosby

From our Detox Cooking Class

The class was very practical hands on.  We chopped onions, broccoli and peppers.  Simple recipes to prepare and the food tasted very good.  We received a lot of healthy hints to eating healthy foods that taste good.

Peggy Orozco

The class was fantastic!  The cooking instructions were clear and informative.  I really enjoyed the hands on learning approach.  Questions regarding some of the ingredients that I have never used before were answered.  It was nice to know that I could take simple ingredients and transform them into something healthy and beneficial to help with toxicity issues.  I loved all the food that was cooked but my favorite was the roasted cauliflower and broccoli with olive oil and tumeric.  I have made this for my family and my kids love it.

Angelic Cloud

I loved the cooking class.  Everything was very tasty and easy to make.  I also loved the fresh ingredients and hands on experience.

Gail Pifferini

We really enjoyed the cooking class.  The food was wonderful, delicious and we would like to try many of the recipes.  We really enjoyed the roasted vegetables, learning how to de-bone a chicken and making our own soup stock. We have been adapting our own favorite recipes, using the ideas from the class.

Janet and David Villadsen

This class targeted foods that help to detox our bodies and provided general guidelines for eating healthy foods that not only taste great but are good for your body.  Questions were answered and wonderful health and shopping tips were provided.  We learned how to de-bone a chicken, which was priceless as it will save so much money.  A good sharp knife is a must have.  Several products from Dr Parsons health boutique were used to make desserts which were very delicious and tasty.  Everything that was cooked during the class was easy, fast and full of flavor.  My favorite was the lentils, oh so good!  I will most definitely use all the information to shop, cook and eat super healthy without a lot of fuss.

Natasha Uhlik-Slebiss

Recipe Testimonals

Green Smoothies

They are wonderful first thing in the morning! I can drink it while I get my kids ready for school.

Berry Dessert

Everyone loves the berry dessert; it is a real treat for us.

Quinoa Pudding

The recipe called for 2 cups of quinoa, so I used 2 cups of uncooked quinoa and when I added the almond milk the quinoa seemed to soak up all the liquid, so it was really dry. Chef made it very creamy at the class.

Lentil Soup

I made lentil soup and my husband loved it. My boys of course looked at it and said they wanted something else, but after awhile they gave in and ended up eating the entire bowl. The ingredients were very easy to find. The recipe was easy to follow and cooking time was accurate. I wouldn’t make any substitutions to this recipe and I will definitely make this again.

Erica Hornor

Asian Shrimp

The recipe called for red curry paste, which I could never find, so I used curry powder instead. I later found out they are completely different. The recipe was clear and easy to follow; the suggested prep time was accurate, along with the cooking time and serving size. There were ingredients that I would not normally have used. I normally don’t like mushrooms, but they tasted good. Never had leeks before and loved them. I would wash the shrimp first because the soup ended up to be too salty and I never added any salt. I probably would not make this for my family, even though it was kind of tasty. There were too many ingredients that I never had on hand. Also, it wasn’t a very pretty soup. Maybe if I had found the red curry paste, it would have looked and tasted completely different.

Kathy Mendoza

Butternut Squash Soup

The ingredients for this recipe were easy to find. The recipe was clear and easy to follow. This made approximately 16 servings and the cooking time was accurate. The ingredients were ones that I would not normally use, but the soup was good. I didn’t think I would like ginger, but it was good. My family and guest thought it was the best; the texture was great and I loved the color. I would make this for my family again. I prepared this for 12 people, including 5 children and even the children (ages 10-15 yrs) enjoyed it.

Swiss chard, Collard Greens, Kale and Vegetable Soup

These ingredients were easy to find and the recipe was clear and easy to follow. The cooking time was accurate and it made about 16 servings. The ingredients are something I would not normally have used, but it was good. I didn’t think I would like Kale, but it was good. My family and guest thought it was very good and I would make it again for them. I prepared this for 12 people, including 5 children and even the children (ages 10-15 yrs) enjoyed it.

Kelly Andreas

Seafood Soup

Some of these ingredients were a little hard to find. The cooking time and serving size were both accurate. Saffron was the only ingredient I do not normally use. The taste, flavor, aroma, texture, appearance and visual appeal were all wonderful. I made this for my husband and friends and they loved the soup.

Judy Dixson

Coconut and Curry Lamb Stew

This stew was very “light” with nice mild curry aroma and taste. The lamb was extremely tender and tasty. The ingredients were very easy to find and I was able to follow the recipe exactly as written. The cooking time and serving sizes were accurate. I would make this for my family.

Steve Shaw

Root Veggie Recipe

I made the root vegetable dish for my entire family. At first they all sort of wrinkled their noses, but once they tasted it they really liked it. Both my sons had two servings, as did my husband. I followed the recipe to the letter and have to say that it makes more than 6 servings. Preparation is time consuming. The peeling and cutting took some time, but it was worth it.

Natasha Uhlik-Slebiss