January 20, 2018

The 5 foods that are literally weighing you down and the substitutions that will change your life


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Dieting is not about counting calories, deprivation, or starving yourself with tiny little portions.

Dieting is a lifestyle!!!

  • Stop dieting and start eating delicious meals!tape measure waist
  • Stop counting calories!
  • Stop living self-consciously!
  • Stop wasting money on “diet foods”!
  • Reduce inflammation in your body with proper nutrition!
  • Eliminate pain!
  • Reduce and eliminate you medications dependency!
  • Manage your blood sugar and insulin levels!
  • Learn how to eat healthy and save money!
  • Live your life with an abundance of energy!
  • Shed the extra pounds!

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Proper diet will tell your body to burn fat as its fuel source. It will balance your hormones and send the right signals to the brain to burn fat while preventing your metabolism from adapting to your new diets.

Factors such as too much or not enough exercise, unmanaged stress, the quality of sleep, toxin levels in the body may have a significant effect on keeping your hormones unbalanced.

When the hormones are balanced, fat burning happens naturally and effortlessly.


Are you ready to take your health and that of your family into your own hands to prevent and stop inflammation and disease?

Ready to regain your confidence, your energy, and “the sexy you” back?

Get mental clarity and set yourself up for success.

And fit into your “sexy genes”, to live happier and healthier?

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Join me on Wednesday, September 24th, 2014 at 10AM PST.


About Chef Varouj

Varouj-0085-1Chef Varouj came to the realization that there is far more to food than the culinary aspect when he was diagnosed with non-celiac gluten sensitivity. Having made the shift to and reaping the benefits of the gluten free lifestyle, he became a certified gluten practitioner, and reignited his passion for nutrition.

Chef V now approaches food as medicine! Combining his culinary education in Italy with 20+ years in the culinary field as a chef, caterer, restaurateur, and consultant with the latest scientific researches in the nutritional and dietary field, he provides coaching and consulting to help professionals and families repair damage caused by years of dietary/food abuse to reach their health goals, regain their energy, lose weight and take control of their health. Chef V inspires and instructs his clients to create deliciously nutritious meals- all without dieting or feeling deprived.