December 12, 2017

How to Save Money and Eat Healthy

How to save money and eat healthy with fresh and high quality ingredients.

save moneyIt is truly easier to save money and eat healthy than most people think it is. Here are a few guidelines for you:

  1. Never go shopping on a hungry stomach.
  2. Buy in bulk and portion or freeze into individual portions or portions based on the number of family members.
  3. Buy whole chicken or fish and portion it at home or cook it whole. Buy cheaper cuts of meats like flank steak, leg of lamb, pork shoulder cuts, rather than prime cuts like tenderloins.
  4. Assign one day a week as a “prep day”. This should preferably be the day you shop, where you marinate, cut and chop your food (meats and poultry, vegetables), refrigerate, or portion and freeze. This will make cooking a breeze.
  5. Create a “blueprint menu” rather than a set menu. This way you know what you need to buy yet you can still be flexible for sale items, fresher produce, etc.

A weekly blueprint menu may look something like this, a meat dish, a fish dish, a chicken dish, a vegetarian dish (always containing a vegetarian protein item like black beans, quinoa, etc.)Then, always have a “creative” leftover meal day. Soups, stews and stir fry make a great use of bits of left over items.


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