January 20, 2018

Newly Gluten Free Program

gluten-free-recipesHave you recently been diagnosed with a gluten intolerance or Celiac’s disease?  If so, you may be overwhelmed with the lists of “don’ts.”  Don’t eat this or don’t take that.  Who knew gluten was in so many things in our lives from foods to medicines, supplements and more!

You may be thinking you’ll never be able to eat anything but rabbit food again and that meals will be a struggle for the rest of your life.  I remember exactly how you feel and I’m a chef!

You are used to gluten rich foods filled with pasta, pizza, pastries, and all other gluten rich foods!  Now, suddenly you feel like you are being denied what you love most and you feel lost and trapped and living gluten free feels impossible!
I have made it my mission to learn all about gluten sensitivity and invested the past several years learning how to cook and live Gluten Free.  I have also studied the effects and side effects of gluten on our system from head to toe. You can rest assured as your chef and certified Gluten Practitioner I will address what you can eat, substitutions you can make and how you can continue to enjoy amazing meals that  your whole family will eat.  You will also learn what steps you can take to start repairing your body and taking care of your health so you can feel better than ever!

Introducing the….

Newly Gluten Free Program

3 Easy Steps for You to Experience A Gluten-Free Lifestyle

The Newly Gluten Free Workshop will teach you 3 keys to living gluten-free:

  • Plan
  • Prepare
  • Play

Whether you have an official diagnosis as a Celiac or gluten-sensitive or want to voluntarily eliminate gluten from your diet, the Newly Gluten Free Program will be your guide to eliminating gluten from your diet and feeling sharper, more energetic, more confident and more control of your health and lifestyle.

Newly Gluten Free will support you to….

  • ELIMINATE MENTAL FOG– A total gluten-free lifestyle creates freedom from overwhelm. It provides space for a toxin free zone that allows you to think clearer which allows you to function at higher levels of clarity.
    Did you know that your gluten-diet preventing sufficient blood from flowing to your brain?
  • ELIMINATE FATIGUE AND FEELING SLUGGISH – Set yourself up with energy that exceeds your busy schedule. No longer drag yourself around and take the time to realize what you have been missing out of in life.
  • FEEL SEXIER AND LOOK YOUNGER – Eliminate the inflammatory cascade that wheat-rich diet is causing in your body. When you reduce and eliminate your body’s stress level and allow your organs to heal, you will rid of unwanted belly fat, lose weight, and enjoy a vibrant skin.
  • SANITY SAVER – Stop the procrastination and the unwise decisions that cost you your time, your money and most importantly your health.
  • GAIN KNOWLEDGE AND CONFIDENCE – Learn how to detect foods that contain gluten when you shop and dine out.
  • JOIN A NETWORK – be part of a private Facebook group and get support from others who get what you go through daily, s hare your experiences and knowledge with others like you.
  • RECEIVE ONE-ON-ONE CARE – Spend a day in the company of a passionate gluten sensitive chef and glean from his knowledge as a Certified Gluten Practitioner.
  • REGAIN YOUR TIME – Say goodbye to individual meals and hello to your one family “meal” together.

As part of the Newly Gluten-­Free Workshop, you will receive:

  • Initial Consultation. During this 30 minute one-on-one session, we will review your dietary preferences, habits and health goals.  This will be scheduled for Week 2 of the program.
  • 4 Hour Hands On Customized Cooking Class.  This class is designed to help you learn ways to cook everything from gluten free snacks to meals and anything you need to support your gluten free lifestyle.  This class will be in person anywhere in California.  If you do not live in California, this class can be done via skype using a webcam.  This will be during Week 5 of the program.  At the end of this class, you will have a customized blueprint that is simple and makes preparing meals easy and quick that your whole family will love all from scratch.
  • 4 x 30 minute Phone Consultations.  During these sessions I will work with you to answer your questions, eliminate confusion and support you through your transformation to a gluten-free lifestyle.  Bring your weekly food journals, questionnaires and assessments, we will review these together.
  • 6 Weeks of Custom Meal Planning specific to your food sensitivities, dietary restrictions and tastes. Includes recipes, shopping guide and step by step preparation instructions.
  • 30 Days of Unlimited Email Support.  I will personally answer all of your questions in regards to living a gluten-free lifestyle
  • Not Just Detox Cookbook – Gluten, dairy and sugar-free approach to classic recipes.  This cookbook contains more than 50 recipes that you can serve to your family, guests and at holidays or special occasions.
  • Daily Food Journal. A tool to know exactly what you put in your mouth.  This will allow us to monitor everything you eat in order to identify any hidden sources of exposure, alternative food allergies that may be preventing you from reaching your ideal weight or affecting your energy and make course corrections along the journey.
  • Gluten-­Free Pantry Guide – Take away the stress of not knowing what to buy and buy.  Maintain a supply of gluten free foods that will make meal planning and cooking easy and fast.
  • A Hidden Sources of Gluten Guide. This guide will help you identify possible hidden sources of gluten in your daily diet.  Bring this to the grocery store with you and you will be armed with an easy to reference guide to help you make wise choices.
  • Basic Recipes and How to Videos including “How to Make A Successful And Effortless Gluten Free Transition” and How To Cut Prep and Cooking Time More Than 75%” !
    • GF variations of classic sauces
    • Basic GF marinades and seasonings (dry and wet)
    • GF Stocks Vegetarian, beef/chicken and Dish.
    • Basic GF vinaigrettes and dressing
  • Time Saving Techniques – The tricks and tips of the trade.

This individualized, hands-on program will provide you with everything you need to successfully transition into a gluten-free lifestyle without feeling deprived while improving your health and repairing your system.  I will support you every step of the way, answer your questions and provide you with the tools and resources you need to make life long changes to your diet and overall health.  I had to make this transition myself and enjoy helping individuals and families live a gluten free lifestyle that is rich in flavor and brings them a higher quality of life.

Register today and start your personal transformation to good health, greater energy, increased vitality and longevity!