December 12, 2017

Gluten, Soy and Sugar-free Thai Marinated Pork Chop

Thai pork chopI love breaking the rules! Do you?

Who says you always need Napa cabbage to make an Asian or Thai inspired salad to serve with your meal? Use what you have on hand!

Here is a perfect example: Gluten, soy and sugar-free Thai marinated pork chop which has been marinating overnight. By the way, you can marinate it for several days, and use any kind of meat.

I served it with a salad. I used romaine lettuce as the base, which, I had pre-washed, and saved in a zip log bag since two days ago, added few extra vegetables for color, crunch, flavor and additional nutrition. Dressed with a wonderful Thai cashew dressing (instead of peanut-dressing) again, make more than you need, and refrigerate for later use, the flavors will only get better.

While the pork chops (one is not enough for me) cooked, in less than 15 minutes, I combined all the ingredients, tossed with the dressing and voila`!  A gluten, soy and sugar-free lunch. Or dinner!  No extra trips to the store or standing in line at your local Thai buffet.

Total cost? With both pork chops that I happily devoured! Less than $4.25! And about $2 bucks for a single chop.

Think about this: Is it worth feeding your family that unhealthy, dollar menu with some unknown ingredients, additives, fillers and preservatives when you can have a great, healthy meal for just about the same cost?

Click here to download the Thai Cashew Butter Dressing Recipe.

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  1. Kristin says:

    The Thai cashew butter dressing for the pork chops looks great, but I’m assuming the marinade is different? Don’t see that recipe? Thanks!

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