January 20, 2018

Get Healthy Now

Get Healthy Now!!!

Weight Loss Support Program by Gluten Free Chef V

Are you tired of counting calories, watching the scale, worrying about what you eat all the time and wasting money on “diet foods”? Enroll in the “Get Healthy Now” program and learn how you can lose and sustain weight without dieting, deprivation, calorie counting or portion control. With the support of the “Get Healthy Now” program, you will:

  • Stop dieting and start eating delicious meals!Weight loss help
  • Stop counting calories!
  • Stop living self consciously!
  • Stop wasting money on “diet foods”!
  • Reduce inflammation in your body with proper nutrition!
  • Eliminate pain!
  • Reduce and eliminate your medications dependency!
  • Manage your blood sugar and insulin levels!
  • Learn how to eat healthy and save money!
  • Live your life with an abundance of energy!
  • Shed the extra pound!

What does it include:

1. Detoxifying Foods Cooking Class Co-Hosted with Dr. Mikell Suzanne Parsons

Cooking Class This instructional video, recipes and cooking tips will provide you with recipes that are gluten-free, sugar-free and detox friendly that you can serve your family and wow your friends. A collaborative with Dr. Parsons, Founder of The Natural Path Health Center, this instructional video is loaded with tips that will help you make healthier choices, try new seasonings and support your detoxification efforts. Includes:

  • One hour Instructional Video
  • Recipe Collection
  • Foods that Fire Up Your Taste Buds Handout

2. Simply Gluten Free Cookbook: Gluten Free, Dairy Free and Sugar-Free Approach to Classic Recipes


Simply Gluten Free not just detox cookbook images

This cookbook is a collection of more than 50 recipes that are delicious, quick and easy to make that your entire family will love. Some are classic age old recipes and all are formulated to be gluten-free, dairy-free, and sugar-free without sacrificing flavor, texture or presentation.

The recipes are easily modified to meet the needs of your family. No longer will you have to cook several meals to make everyone happy.

Dr. Cabeca

3. Basic Recipes and How to Videos including “How to Make A Successful And Effortless Gluten Free Transition” and How To Cut Prep and Cooking Time More Than 75%” !

chicken stock video

  • Basic GF marinades and seasonings (dry and wet)
  • GF Stocks Vegetarian, beef/chicken and Dish.
  • Basic GF vinaigrettes and dressing

4. Gluten-Free Chocolate Cake recipe and instructional video


 Chocolate Cake Video Screenshot (990x597)

Reclaim your confidence!

Live healthy and Happy!

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