December 12, 2017

Does eating healthy really cost more?

food-dollar-signNot as much as you think, according to a recently published study in the BMJ Open medical journal. Researchers combined the results of 27 studies from 10 countries and concluded that eating healthier cost only about $1.50 more per day, that’s $550 per year. So, is your health, vibrancy, happiness, wellbeing, relationships, and your family’s health worth a mere $1.50 more per day? Do you know how much the cost of ignoring your health is?

Organic 100% grass fed meats, wild caught fish, fresh fruits and vegetables cost more. This is due to the higher cost of production, lack of government subsidies, and many other reasons.  But the flavor, taste and nutritional profile is much higher quality.

Here are few simple ways to save money and live healthier…

  1. Cut back or quit smoking.  Meditate or practice deep breathing techniques instead.
  2. Quit your Starbucks coffee habit.  Eliminate only one trip and you save more than $5. You can make it at home for the fraction of the price.
  3. Energy drinks:  get your health back and you will not need to guzzle the daily $2-$5 of empty calories.
  4. Sodas: drink water instead!
  5. Sugary snacks: Do you really need them? Or is it a habit that’s costing you your health and draining your finances?
  6. Buy in bulk and save.
  7. Choose inexpensive cuts of meat. Quality and nutritional profile is more important than a fancy cut.


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