January 20, 2018

Detoxifying Foods Cooking Class Co-Hosted with Dr. Mikell Suzanne Parsons

This instructional video, recipes and cooking tips will provide you with recipes that are gluten-free, sugar-free and detox friendly that you can serve your family and wow your friends. A collaborative with Dr. Parsons, Founder of The Natural Path Health Center, this instructional video is loaded with tips that will help you make healthier choices, try new seasonings and support your detoxification efforts.


  • One hour Instructional Video
  • Recipe Collection
  • Foods that Fire Up Your Taste Buds Handout
  • Shopping List
  • Plus 15 minute telephone consultation with Chef V.

Regular Price: $47.


I enjoyed the cooking class. I have made the asparagus salad with poached egg several times and people love it. I also roast peppers on my stove now, probably once a week. Thanks for the great tips!

Cathy Crosby

The class was very practical hands on. We chopped onions, broccoli and peppers. Simple recipes to prepare and the food tasted very good. We received a lot of healthy hints to eating healthy foods that taste good.

Peggy Orozco

The class was fantastic! The cooking instructions were clear and informative. I really enjoyed the hands on learning approach. Questions regarding some of the ingredients that I have never used before were answered. It was nice to know that I could take simple ingredients and transform them into something healthy and beneficial to help with toxicity issues. I loved all the food that was cooked but my favorite was the roasted cauliflower and broccoli with olive oil and tumeric. I have made this for my family and my kids love it.

Angelic Cloud

I loved the cooking class. Everything was very tasty and easy to make. I also loved the fresh ingredients and hands on experience.

Gail Pifferini

We really enjoyed the cooking class. The food was wonderful, delicious and we would like to try many of the recipes. We really enjoyed the roasted vegetables, learning how to de-bone a chicken and making our own soup stock. We have been adapting our own favorite recipes, using the ideas from the class.

Janet and David Villadsen

This class targeted foods that help to detox our bodies and provided general guidelines for eating healthy foods that not only taste great but are good for your body. Questions were answered and wonderful health and shopping tips were provided. We learned how to de-bone a chicken, which was priceless as it will save so much money. A good sharp knife is a must have. Several products from Dr Parsons health boutique were used to make desserts which were very delicious and tasty. Everything that was cooked during the class was easy, fast and full of flavor. My favorite was the lentils, oh so good! I will most definitely use all the information to shop, cook and eat super healthy without a lot of fuss.

Natasha Uhlik-Slebiss