February 24, 2018

Are you drinking toxic water?

ToxicWater1Toxins have a negative impact on your body. Some mimic your hormones, others cause cell damage, promote inflammation, stop you dead on your track if you are trying to lose weight, in fact, it might even cause you to gain weight. But the most alarming of it all is that some could cause serious diseases such as cancer and kidney failure along many other diseases.

So, you eat clean, you’re not a smoker, you’ve eliminated chemicals from your environment you should be safe, right? Technically, yes!  Unfortunately, we are now living in a toxic world and are unaware of it. According to a recently released finding of a decade-long Geological survey that studied 11,000 public supply wells in California found “high levels of Arsenic, uranium and other naturally occurring but worrisome trace elements”.  

The study also looked at the extent to which agricultural irrigation, industrial pollutant and other uses of ground water are effecting the quality of the water… It points out that “Farm irrigation draining into underground water aquifers has contributed to uranium showing up at unsafe levels in 7 percent of public water supplies in the farm-rich San Joaquin Valley”.

So, if the same water is being used directly or indirectly in growing of the plants and animals you are eating, and the quality of the food you eat depends on the quality of the food IT eats. Doesn’t it make you wonder what we are feeding out families? How can someone stay ahead of the game?

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