January 20, 2018

5 Ways Toxins Prevent You From Losing Weight

High toxicity levels are sure to fail any diet! And it happens in several ways:

  1. toxinsToxins will damage cell membranes through inflammation. Once the membrane is inflamed, everything is affected; including energy production. When cell membranes are damaged, nutrients have a hard time getting in, and mitochondrial function is compromised due to the lack of nutrients.
  2. Cell receptors are damaged by toxins:  When the receptors are damaged, the hormonal signals and cellular communication will suffer. Fat burning and other messages never get delivered.
  3. Some toxins are known as hormone disrupters; they look like and mimic the action of hormones.
  4. Toxins damage the mitochondria:  The little sensitive fat burning factories in the cells are easily damaged. Especially by heavy metals. Mercury is the most damaging to the mitochondria on two levels—it promotes the formation of with free radicals, which overwhelms the mitochondria and secondly, mercury diminishes the mitochondria’s ability to fight back by depleting the body’s most potent antioxidant—glutathione.  Fat burning slows down or stops and you feel sick and tired.
  5. Toxins will promote oxidation and inflammation. Poor nutrition, sugar and carbohydrates, empty calories and low nutrient dense foods, paired with the damages caused by toxins and the toxin’s ability to suppress the mitochondria from producing antioxidants to fight back, increases inflammation and oxidative damage.

Could your challenge be caused by another factor such as stress? As you will find out in the next post, stress may very well be your biggest issue! 

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