February 24, 2018

28 Days to Healthy Eating and Weight Loss

I have a short challenge for you, in fact, it is only a 28 day challenge to help you bust your cravings, balance your hormones- those responsible for eating, cravings, fat burning and fat storage, avoid the dreaded plateaus, boost your metabolism, increase your energy and prime your system to build a leaner body.20140822_142704

This program is designed to get your body to burn the right energy it is meant to burn. It’s meant to reduce inflammation, oxidative damage and prevent glycation- the stuff that makes you AGE faster.

Best of all, it comes with the menus, recipes, 4 weekly calls and you will have specific days that you will eat all the carbs and desserts you want. Yep, you read it right!

This is not only about nutrition, I spent many months on researching, studying and consulting with experts to learn why some succeed and are able to lose the weight without an effort while others struggle, despite doing all the right things.

Here is a little preview… did you know that your exercise could be sabotaging your goals? Or even your sleep, or the stress of life and work? Or for you maybe the toxins that you’re not even aware of being exposed to. All will be addressed in this program, you will receive specific exercises, and steps to address all of the factors that effect on your weight loss goal.

The regular price will be $997.

The introductory price is $497 


That’s a whopping $500 savings from its regular price.


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Wait, there is more… 

The 4 hours of coaching calls alone are worth over $600- yours- free!

My fees for developing monthly meal plans for nutritionists and medical professionals start at $1500.

I’m not great at math, but I know…

That’s less than a pair of shoes! 🙂  

Is your health worth $497?  Are you ready to join me and take charge of your health?


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If you answered YES to 5 or more of the quiz questions, this is for you! 




  • Private members only Facebook page for additional support.
  • Save money and shop wisely to support your healthier lifestyle.
  • 28 days of meal plans, easy recipes and shopping lists.
  • Weekly coaching calls (for 4 weeks).


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