February 24, 2018

10 Reasons to Sleep

sleepThe best way to burn calories in bed.


10 reasons why you should get a good night of sleep.

Many studies have shown an association between lack of sleep and weight gain and profound effects on hormones that regulate appetite and fat storage. Sleepless and restless nights affect your body in several ways.

  1. Sleep deprivation stresses your body.  When you deprive yourself of a restful night of sleep your body perceives that you are under threat, raising cortisol levels and causing muscle to be broken down—which the body will convert into sugar, causing insulin to rise and fat to be stored around the belly.
  2. A lack of sleep can lead to increased appetite and compulsive snacking.
  3. Not enough rest messes up your hormones. Some of the most important hormones for fat burning and good health are released only during deep stages of sleep.
  4. Missing sleep slows down your metabolism. Decreased levels of leptin have a direct impact on your thyroid hormones; when your thyroid production slows down, your metabolism slows down as well.
  5. Insulin resistance can increase significantly after only a few days of sleep deprivation.
  6. Sleep deprivation suppresses your immune system and will increase the production of inflammatory hormones, causing oxidative stress. It will decrease glutathione—one of the most powerful natural antioxidants produced in the human body.
  7. Sleep is one of the best anti-aging drugs! Without sufficient sleep you will age faster.
  8. You burn the highest percentage of calories from fat while sleeping than any other time of the day.
  9. Sleep cleans up your brain and removes neurotoxic waste products that accumulate while we’re awake. Sleep also tunes up your hormones; growth hormones and the anti-aging hormone melatonin are released during sleep.
  10. Sleep is essential for mood, cognitive health, and energy.


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